About Us


GVK envisions a transformed world in which rural communities – particularly small holder farmers and women are self-reliant and live in harmony with each other and nature.  

Grameen Vikas Kendram

Grameena Vikas Kendram society for rural development (GVK) is a hybrid organization that makes the best of both the non-profit and business world. We combine tools in non-profit development, market models and innovative technologies to empower rural communities in India to live sustainable lives. By creating livelihood opportunities, we aim to facilitate social, economic and environmental impact.


We aim to improve living standards by collaborating and co-creating with community partners to facilitate locally-driven, long lasting solutions.

Our bottom-up approach creates awareness, independence and self-sufficiency among members to create resilient communities

Our focus on environment and climate change through agroecological practices promotes a sustainable and systemic approach to solving global environmental challenges 

Our commitment to work with women as key institutional partners amplifies the effectiveness of our programs, resulting in long-lasting human development. 

Ever since his childhood, Aneel enjoyed being around people as much as developing innovative solutions to impossible challenges. During his corporate career within the agrochemical industry, he saw first-hand the drudgery of small farmers and the misery they experienced everyday. While he was selling these toxic and harmful chemicals, farmers were ending their lives. Soon, he quit his lucrative career path in traditional agriculture and decided to work for sustainable development causes through a triple bottom-line approach: People, Plant and Prosperity. He wanted to use his experience on the field in supporting farmers rather than harming them. When he met cofounder Sarat Gidda, who had the same vision for social change. Soon, it was only time before they both set up Grameen Vikas Kendram and Yasasree, organizations that aim to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural communities in India. They first started working with cotton farmers though soon branched out towards food production, primarily to take advantage of the rich ecosystem at Aneel’s hometown Kadapa. Kadapa is famous for banana and sweet orange cultivation. After extensive research and planning, they developed a creative yet powerful model by connecting sweet orange farmer to pharmaceutical companies. Thus, started the sweet orange project. And rest they say is history. Aneel and Sharad in a span of 3 years worked in six districts in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States: Naldonga, Prakasham, Anantapur, Kadapa, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam and this figure is slated to exponentially grow over the next few years. Only sky is the limit!

Core Values

Integrity to stand by our word, particularly in last-mile delivery  

Innovation in providing path breaking, adaptable and locally available solutions to communities  

Commitment to excellence in designing and executing programs, systems and processes that assure high quality operational standards 

Create Shared Value across various actors in the value chain, right from farmer families, NGO partners, global brands, research groups, donors, government and end consumers.  

Environmental and Economical Sustainability in implementing agriculture practices and market models respectively  

Transparency to maintain the highest level of ethical standards  

Evidence based approach that combines qualitative and quantitative data research while measuring impact