The Birth of The Idea
Established in 1990, Grameena Vikas Kendram Society for Rural Development (GVK Society) has since envisioned a world based on sustainable life, in which human communities can live in harmony with each other and the nature.
Future Goal

In order to create a sustainable life, we think that combating climate change and environmental degradation and improving farmers’ socio-economic conditions are the keys. Moreover, we want to bring a systemic change in the society at large by sensitizing the general public over climate change and poor farmers’ socioeconomic struggles.

Grameena Vikas Kendram is Telugu for Society of Rural Development. We are a hybrid organisation which takes the best out of both worlds: corporate professionalism with the empathetic approach of sustainable development. Our core concepts are:
  • Create Shared Value
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Innovation
  • Climate Smart
  • Future Ready
  • Human Centered Approach
  • Equality
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
Building trust through sharing information. Our experience is that authentic stories of human impact speak volumes and build consumer loyalty. Likewise, market feedback enables farmers to make more informed decisions and manage their expectations.

The Reason, Why

We are aware of the environmental and social externalizes farmers face. We are trying to create a better position for some of the most impoverished and powerless stakeholders at the bottom of the supply chain/pyramid. There is a need to address concerns of all stakeholders along the value chain and share ownership of key processes.

Areas of Work
  • Livelihood
  • Climate Change
  • Gender Equality
  • Sustainable Agriculture

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