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Balayageri Devi

Balayageri Devi is a 42-year-old worker from Simhadripuram, Kadapa district. She has had no formal education and can hardly read or write. She had a son and a daughter, both of whom died in a fatal accident. Currently, she and her husband look after their four grandchildren, all of whom go to school. Balayageri’s husband is also a daily labour worker. Both of them earn anywhere from INR 150 up until INR 200 (USD 1.50 to 3) per day during low produce season and INR 300 to INR 400 (USD 4.4 to USD 5.85) per day during peak season. 2018 has been a particularly fruitful year since Balayageri and her husband have collected 50 kilos of dried fruit. Though this is their first season with GVK, they now visit the collection centre about three to four times a month. Half of the money they earn goes back to the farm labourer, while they retain the other half of the amount. Balayageri’s family now earns about INR per year, which is an increase of of their regular income.

Daisiri Naragan Swamy

Daisiri Naragan Swamy is a 36-year-old farmer living in Lingala, Kammam district. He has seven members in his family that constitute of his wife, his son who is in seventh grade, his one daughter who is in her sixth grade, and in-laws. Naragan studied until tenth grade, which is an exception from where is comes from. Naragan currently farms on three acres of land, all planted with sweet oranges. During the off season (March – October), he does daily labour work that pays him INR 200 (USD $2.5) per day. In an average season, he produces about 15 to 20 ton of matured fruit. In a good season, he produces about 30 tons. Last year, he received INR 25 (36 cents) for 1 ton of matured fruit. This year, he received INR 60 (88 cents) for every ton. Daisiri supplied about 150 kilos of dried produce to the GVK collection centre in the month May 2018. Last year he earned INR 5000 to INR 10,000 (USD 73 – USD 146), while this year his income was INR 22,500 (approx. USD 330). He hired workers to collect the dried fruit and paid labourers INR 150 to 200 (USD 2.5 per day). The labourers pick 15 to 20 kilos per day, which means he makes about INR 750 (USD 11) per labourer per day, while the labourer gains INR 200 (USD 2.9) of the total amount. With the INR 22,500 (USD 330) made from sweet oranges, he aims to buy agricultural supplies for the sweet orange trees, spend on education related expenses for his kids and medicine and hospital costs for his in-laws. Naragan makes on average of 131.578 INR per year. Suppling to the GVK collection centre increased his income by .

B. Srinivasan Reddy

B. Srinivasan Reddy is a 40-year-old farmer from Lingala, Kammam district. He lives with his wife and two children; his son is currently in his fifth grade while his daughter is in her fourth grade. Srinivas is a fifth-grade dropout, so understands the value of educating his kids. He currently owns two acres of land that cultivated with sweet oranges. While Srinivasan and his wife work on the farm during the sweet orange season, which runs from November to April, he and his wife do labour work for other farmers during the rest of the year. 2017 was particularly a bad year as he was paid only INR 20 (USD 30 cents) per kilo of fresh sweet oranges. 2018 is different because Srinivas has chosen to participate in GVK’s Hesperidin project, which would give him an income of INR 70 per kilo (USD 1) which is more than triple the amount he and wife ordinarily make. In his first drop off at GVK’s collection centre, Srinivasan sold 10 kilos of dried fruits, which earned him INR 450 (USD 6.6). With the extra money received he and his wife hope to save for their children’s education, pay their fees, buy their uniforms and purchase books and stationary.

Balakulay Amma

Balakulay Amma is a 42-year-old farmer from Lingala, Kammam district. She lives with 10 other members in her family. She is widowed with three sons, two on whom are farmers while the third is studying. She currently has four acres of land out of which two acres are planted with sweet oranges and two other acres with sunflowers and groundnut. During the off-season, she does daily labour work. During a good crop season, she makes enough from the sunflowers and groundnuts and can provide for her family. However, due to inadequate rain last year she had to suffer a severe loss. She harvested six tons of fresh sweet oranges last year that she sold for INR 40 (60 cents) per ton. She does not employ daily labour as she has a big family who help her with field work. Last year, she sold 150 - 200 kilos of dried sweet oranges to GVK, this year it was 400 kilos. She used the extra income to pay for her one son’s education and to buy groceries. Due to her association with the Project Hesperidin, Balakulay now makes about INR > (USD >) per year, which means her income has increased by > from her previous earnings.