May 1, 2014
April 29, 2014
We promote chemical-free farming practices that help increase crop yields for farmers at the same time reducing upfront budget requirements.

The Problem

Farmers, in most parts of India, are dependent on chemical pesticides/fertilizers as common tools of farming which require high initial investments. This investment is loaned to them by middlemen and money lenders at very high interest rates (24-36%) to the farmers. The chemicals which are highly depleting for soil and crop health over prolonged periods, reduce crop yields. The consequent inability to pay back these loans leads to extreme poverty, and in desperate attempts to escape these vicious cycle farmers commit suicide.

The Solution

We help farmers by providing training and skilled, on field, personnel, taking a participative approach. Sometimes we teach and sometimes we learn from their treasure trove of vernacular knowledge. Together we embrace the importance of organic farming along with practical applications of this learning through Farm ponds, Crop rotation, Traditional farming practices etc.


The Impact

■ Reduced initial investment and increased crop yields lead to higher profits for farmers, the money lenders become obsolete.
■ The elimination of chemicals maintains soil health and productivity leading to a much healthier crop.
■ A chemical-free environment for our future generations.