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Gijs Spoor is a pioneer in organic cotton programs and founded two very large organic cotton programs – Chetna Organic Cotton and Zameen Organic. Zameen Organics was founded to create a large network of producer companies and extension workers that brings the control of sophisticated cotton production to the small farmer-owned enterprises. In addition, Zameen worked to create direct links between the rural producers and European companies and consumers. He received the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship (Rural Innovation & Farming) as recognition for his unrivalled commitment to bold new ideas and innovative solutions to social problems that changed patterns across society. Most recently he worked as a founding Director at UnLtd Tamil Nadu, a social incubator and accelerator that supported 40+ social impact ventures in education, agriculture, health, environment, conflict, and technology. Gijs has a Master’s degree in Organic Agriculture from Wageningen University, The Netherlands in addition to gaining extensive hands-on experience in agricultural projects in Africa and India. He is an expert in hybrid profit/non-profit Organization Development, Business development, Strategy, Systems thinking, Fairtrade, Organic, Supply Chain Development, Rural Development, Human Resource Management and Fundraising.