About Us

We design and implement community driven initiatives that optimize value for peasant farmers and other downtrodden rural households by nurturing producer organisations, value addition, infrastructure, up marketing and perpetual innovation. Our models propel collectivism, collaboration and co-creation to build futuristic value chain communities.

Our Vision

We envision a transformed world wherein rural communities live in harmony with each other and nature.

Our Mission

We stimulate innovation and promote processes which are sustainable, socially inclusive and gender-sensitive to support critical masses of poor.

Our Focus

We focus on designing and implementation of market-driven, sustainable agriculture models that create shared-value for all the stakeholders across the global supply chains.

Our Approach

We endeavour to realize sustainable economic growth by addressing social and environmental externalities with market-based solutions. We unite the corporate and NGO sector to break through gridlock, encourage thoughtful solutions and achieve broad systemic change in society.

Our Philosophy

We believe that institutional interventions can remove barriers and facilitate individuals, communities and ecosystems to attain their full potential.

Our areas of work

Sustainable Agriculture
Climate Change
Gender Equality

Our Values

Respect & Recognition