• Devi and her husband live in Bonala village and they have had a hard life. Both their son and daughter died in a road accident and the old couple had to take care of their four grandchildren. Being illiterate farm labourers, Devi and her husband are struggling to build the future of these school-going kids. They live in a hand-to-mouth situation with just 150-400 rupees of earning per day. Their livelihood cycles are dependent on crop cycles which means in certain months they have no means to earn. Luckily they learnt from the fellow-labourers about Yasasree Impex Pvt Ltd, which came to their aid. After obtaining permission from the farmers, they started collecting aborted sweet oranges and bring them to the nearby collection centre. In 2017-18 Devi`s family has earned 27.000 rupees additional income from the collection of waste fruits that makes up to 45% of their annual income.
  • Niranjan has seen the market price of his matured sweet oranges dropping steeply from INR 50 to 25 per kg last year. Dwindling yields, gamble with rainfall and unreliable market prices severely affected the livelihood of this peasant farmer for many years. Niranjan has found a new way, just like his friends, to earn additional income that helps him send his children to school. After his regular farm routine, he spends about 3 hours collecting waste fruits from the surrounding sweet orange gardens to sell at the collection centre established by Yasasree Impex Pvt Ltd in Lingala village. These dried aborted fruits fetch him INR 45 per kg. This year he has earned about INR 22,500 additionally. I am not worried anymore...... the confident farmer proclaims with a smile!